Mammogram FAQs

If there is anything ladies should know to do as they begin to get older, it is to keep an eye on a few things that are needed for the sake of their health. One of the most pervasive threats to women today is breast cancer, which is still one of the leading killers of women around the world.

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There is something that women can do to try to stay on top of breast cancer detection, and it is known as mammograms. This is something that every woman should be doing at least once they reach age 40, sometimes even younger, depending on the specific person. If the time has come for you to undergo your very first mammogram, it would not be shocking to learn that you have a few questions about the process.

You’re not the only one, either. There are plenty of women asking these same kinds of questions every day, and you can use the following questions and answers commonly asked about mammograms to see if your own question already has an answer waiting on you.

When should I start going in for a mammogram?

It is recommended that all women begin getting annual mammograms when they turn 40 or 50 years old. The recommended frame of time can be different for women with a history of breast cancer in their families, so the best bet to see when your ideal age for a first mammogram is something best discussed with your doctor so you can analyze your specific case together.

Are mammograms painful?

This can depend largely on the person receiving the mammogram. Some ladies might feel a bit of discomfort during the procedure, while others might not feel anything at all as it goes on. The discomfort usually comes from the testing equipment causing some pressure against the breasts, but this is to be expected and doesn’t last very long.

Is there anything I should avoid doing right before having a mammogram?

Yes, there a few things you should not do before you have a mammogram. A few of these things include:

·    Wearing deodorant right before your procedure

·    Consuming caffeine right before your procedure

·    Wearing a one-piece outfit to your procedure

·    Having a mammogram done while you are on your period

Staying on Top of Your Breast Health

With breast cancer being such a leading cause of death among women, it is important to remember to stay on top of early detection procedures and doing everything you can to make sure you are healthy. You can do everything you can to stay on top of your breast health by ensuring you visit a mammogram in New Jersey professional when the time is right for your mammogram so you can be sure that you are in good shape, and if there are any problems, that your medical team is able to detect them early enough to do something about them.