Keep Ticks Away With professional Pest Control Service

There are many ways to keep ticks away from your property. Most homeowners use several of those techniques during the summer months when ticks are at their worst. Sadly, some homeowners still do not realize that ticks come to their homes. They assume the only danger from ticks comes if they spend time in wooded areas. The truth is, ticks are a parasite that lives anywhere in tall grass, shrubs, weeds, etc. where they can hide and people or pets come near. They attack their victims as they walk by, feasting on them for days at a time if possible.

Make sure to use some of the tick control solutions at your home this summer to keep this annoying pest away. There is less risk and less worry if your home is treated for ticks. You can also take stride to keep the landscaping maintained, which reduces the areas that ticks can hide. There are certain smells that also deter ticks.  Basil and citronella are two common scents that can help keep ticks (and other pests) out of your home and away from your property. Look for some of the products sold at retailers and online.

residential tick control ravenna

You can save time and money if you call a pest control professional in addition to these home solutions. Calling a professional pest control company always provides the best solution against ticks. They offer commercial strength products and expertise that allows full and proper treatment of ticks, giving you less to do and less to worry about. You can enjoy summer to the fullest without the added worry that subsides after residential tick control ravenna. You only need service one time per year to keep ticks away and enjoy your days to the fullest.