Why do Dentists Extract Teeth?

Dentists extract teeth as a last resort when other treatments do not work or when the damage is beyond the realms of treatment. Permanent teeth are meant to last a lifetime but many issues may stand in the way of this.  This includes genetics, improper oral care, and the food that you eat.

It takes plenty of neglect for a tooth to reach the point of extraction in most cases. Visit the dentist twice per year, brush your teeth twice per day, maintain good eating habits, and you can reduce the risk of oral health problems.

Some of the most common reasons the dentist may schedule tooth extraction richmond include:

·    Infection: One reason dentists extract a tooth is due to an infection. If the infection extends to the pulp of the teeth, it can lead to an infection that usually requires an antibiotic and tooth extraction to treat in severe cases.

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·    Risk of Infection: People with compromised immune systems who are at risk for an infection of a particle tooth may also be good candidates for a tooth extraction. Your dentist will talk to you about this need.

·    Crowded Mouth: Dentists may need to extract a tooth if the person suffers from overcrowding. This condition occurs when there are more teeth in your mouth than supposed to be, or when your teeth are too big for your mouth.

·    Periodontal Disease: Most commonly called gum disease, this infection of the tissues and bones that support the teeth may cause the tooth to loosen. Tooth extraction of one or more teeth is often necessary after a periodontal diagnosis.

Tooth extraction is something none of us want to face. Take care of your teeth to reduce the odds that you will face this problem in the future.